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a random quote from my past...

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27th. Oct, 2009 | 10:01 am

(as i recall i had to type it up and put it on geocities 'cause the messenger i was using would bug out every time it came to the word "python")

so much of that sounded like housemate rachel talking... and you made me do one of those "pfft-schlllk" sort of laughs that sound like a python with a head cold sneezing. i agree completely about the eavesdropping in galleries thing. it's always fun to overhear some high school art teacher belabouring their undeserving students with how the "interplay of light and dark signify the struggle in vietnam, while the heavy use of white represents the artist's white-hot rage at how the western world has appointed itself police of the globe" and turn to see them indicating a gesso'ed canvas, devoid of anything save a single black stripe that just happened to be painted in 1971 and titled "the opulence of zen". erm... and that's about all i remember. i went on a bit more... and now it doesn't seem as funny and i'm a bit embarrassed for hyping it so. 1

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