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31st. Oct, 2008 | 12:36 pm
i'm feeling: miffed miffed

i think i've figured out how things are being posted to my journal by someone other than myself... they're being done by LJ2ME, a mobile phone program for updating lj from, well, your mobile. rather than associate a phone number with your journal what it does is have you enter your username and password when you set it up, then all you need do is run the program, type in your update and submit it.

*cue some sort of dramatic music*

i did install is on my W800i. my first W800i. the one i lost at dream one night and spent the better part of a week crawling around on the floors there trying to find...

this leads me to believe that someone found it.

gotta change my password now, too.

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Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)

From: smangesable
Date: 31st. Oct, 2008 02:36 am (UTC)

How annoying! I'm with katy. Use it to track them down!! What else had you set up on it? Use it and nail them!!

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