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on the chronology of the psychology of the ontology of my biology...

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14th. Jun, 2013 | 01:58 am
i'm feeling: contemplative contemplative
i'm hearing: the beatles - girl

i've been going back and reading over things i've LJ'ed in the past.
at first i was simply ploughing backwards through posts - read, click , read, click ... you get it. but after a bit of conversation tonight i decided to reverse the process and unwrap the package of me from front-to-back and start at the earliest point and enjoy the story in the chronological glory it deserved.

thus far i've made me laugh and made me think, but most of all i've made me worry... 'cause i know what's yet to come. i get pretty flaky at times. though redaction is an option, i'm not going to go down that road. one, continuity would be compromised and two, it's a diary... a private thing between me and me that i have (for one reason or another) decided to leave laying bare and bleeding in front of all and sundry for evaluation and even critique. hence editing would be a cheat in many ways.

i'm not proud of everything i've written... but hey, i'm not proud of everything i've done.
but it's all here.

i've not updated in forever and probably won't very often, but i would like to say that at the moment, and hopefully for rather a duration, i'm quite happy. life is working, the job is great, money is balanced, there's a home and a car...
and, to risk the wrath of a vengeful universe, i'm with someone who i very much love.
let's just stay here and notrock the boat for a bit, okay?

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From: theiffy
Date: 3rd. Sep, 2013 06:09 pm (UTC)

good to hear things are well. i'm happy too! I share a home, i have someone who drives me around :P, i'm marrying someone who i very much love and once i have the wedding there goes all my fucking money!

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From: salaciouskitten
Date: 10th. Oct, 2013 02:24 pm (UTC)

Sounds like a good boat ;)

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